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River of Glass, my 96-page, complete poetry collection is hot off the press and welcomed with great acclaim.

Here's what Jules Feiffer wrote about it. "Love and loss and wide-eyed wonder. Ann McGovern sees so much and speaks volumes."

And poet Jane Hirshfield writes, "McGovern is a writer who keeps her eyes open in every direction, letting in equally the light of lived-through grief and lived-through joy."

Karen Swenson, another fine poet has this to say: "Ann McGovern doesn't "make nice" with the bumps, bangs and miseries of life. She faces them head on, staring them in the eye. Her wry tone, her wisdom and her sleight of hand that makes words new and numinous will be warm comfort."

My new book can be yours for 15.95 (plus $2.00 for shipping and handling). Checks can be made out to Ann McGovern and sent to me at 30 East 62 Street, New York City 10065.

Please let me know how you want your book(s) inscribed.

You may know me as a children's book author of 55 books, including Stone Soup. Writing poetry for adults is challenging, frustrating -- and vey satisfying. Readers of my poetry often tell me that they find my poems moving and kooky -- and very real, not the rarified language that most people associate with poetry. I hope you, too, like them.

My first book Bribing the Fortune Teller is in its third printing. The poems are illustrated by my collage art. My second book,
Insomnia's Shadows, won first prize in Artella's Contest. Drawing Outside the Lines was my third book; Falling Off the Map, my fourth and now the complete collection: River of Glass, is my fifth book. Click on each title to read a sample of the poems in each book.

River of Glass is published by Tiger Bark Press, a highly-regarded small press in Rochester, New York. They publish one or two books a year, giving their publications the best in content, design and printing.



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